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Asana Workshop Series with Alice Chakra Healing & Balancing Workshop Fire Ceremony Retreats Beginners Workshop with Radica Walton


Asana Workshop Series with Alice

Saturday 23rd and 30th August 2014 alice_005

This workshop series offers you the possibility to dive into a specific area in your body and in your Asana practice that you would like to work on more in-depth. The workshop considers alignment as well as introducing you to the corresponding chakras and their relation to every day life to understand the effects of your Asana practice physically, mentally and emotionally. Learn to build up your practice in a safe and progressive way, gaining more flexibility and strength and a way to do your own personal practice safely and effectively. Gently overcome boundaries by working with your breath. Learn some simple tricks and tips to go beyond what you think are your limits The workshops are suitable for yogis & yoginis who have at least 6 months of yoga experience.

  • 23rd August: Shoulders & Back (-bends)
  • 30th August: From Head to Toe and Back – Working Towards Inversions
Date and Time: Saturdays in August, 14:00 Р16:00
Price: CHF 60/Workshop
Location: Sanapurna Yoga & Therapy  Center Zurich
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Chakra Healing & Balancing Workshop with Swami Maheshananda

Sunday 24th August 2014

¬†profile 3 The Chakra system provides us the means to explore the different levels of our own consciousness and to maintain optimal health, higher awareness and perfect dynamic balance with the forces of both external and internal nature. In these subtle structures lies the power to transform our ordinary consciousness into a higher consciousness where everything is experienced as an expression of the divine consciousness and the world becomes a field of blissful creative expression. This workshop aims to balance the energy in the Chakras and to heal the psychological and psychic dimensions of our being. Chakra meditation deepens the level of self-awareness and helps explore one’s own creative potentials and to express it freely.

Date and Time: Sunday 24th August 2014, 16:00 Р18:00
Price: CHF 60
Location: Sanapurna Yoga & Therapy  Center Zurich
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Fire Ceremony/Havan with  Swami Maheshananda

Sunday 24th August 2014


The fire ceremony, known as Havan/Homa in Sanskrit, is an important ritual for purification of energy, promotion of health and well being, brings universal peace and harmony and wards off negative forces. The most important part of a Havan is the invocation of the luminous divine forces to guide us in the process. Then fire is invoked with the recitation of the mantras and offerings are made to the sacred fire with the chants of the mantras. Come to participate in this rare event of a traditional Havan Ceremony to unite the forces for good health, universal harmony and peace, and to connect with the Joy of Life. In spiritual life this kind of fire ceremony can awaken our inner creative fire and guide us on the path of light.
Date and Time: Sunday 24th August 2014, 18:30 Р20:00
Price: Donation
Location: Sanapurna Yoga & Therapy  Center Zurich

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Beginners Workshop with Radica Walton

Sundays Sept 21st, Oct 26th, Nov 23rd, 14:30-16:30


The workshop is designed for all those who would like to get introduced for the first time to the world of yoga, as well as for those who are already practicing but would like to get clear about the foundations of the body & mind work in yoga. After a brief introduction into the origins and development of the modern yoga practice, you will have an opportunity to look into and explore your habitual breath patterns and to introduce some more beneficial ones if needed. You will experience the principles of postural alignment in the practice of Sun Salutation, a flowing sequence that provides a safe and steady environment for building more strength and flexibility. A pranayama session with simple yet very effective practices will give you an insight into the connection of the mind and breath, where the breath serves as a bridge between the body and the mind. The workshop will end with a short guided meditation, leaving you physically and mentally recharged with a clear mind and awakened body.

Date & Time: Sundays Sept 21st, Oct 26th, Nov 23rd, 14:30-16:30
Workshop Price: CHF 60 / Workshop
Where & When:  Sanapurna Yoga & Therapy Center Zurich
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