Welcome to Sanapurna! In the heart of Zurich, in a warm and personal atmosphere, we care about you, your holistic health and well-being. Discover our Yoga classes, come for an Ayurveda therapy and spoil yourself with a Thai-Yoga or Ayurvedic massage

we follow the recommendations of the government and kindly ask you to bring your covid certificate and your ID when you come to our studio, thank you.

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300 Hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course (RYS 300)

12 November 2021 - 23 May 2022

Our 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training modules offer you a path to expand knowledge gained through a 200 Hour Teacher Training Course. Modules can be taken individually or as a course over 12 or 24 months:

  • Advanced Hatha Yoga Practice (100 Hours)
  • Advanced Anatomy (100 Hours)
  • Ayurveda (40 Hours)
  • Yoga Nidra (60 Hours)
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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course (RYS200)

14 January - 26 June 2022

Whether you want to become a yoga instructor or use the tools and practices of yoga to support you through the changes of life, this TTC course is for you! Topics include:

  • Yoga Philosophy and Anatomy
  • Develop and Deliver a Class
  • Self Discovery through Yoga
  • Hands-on adjustment
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60 Hours Yoga Nidra TTC

14 January - 13 February 2022

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, brings us into a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping that allows for deep relaxation of the body, mind and soul. It is from this state that we can facilitate profound transformation. This course will focus on:

  • You will be able to create your own Yoga Nidra practice
  • Learn history & theory of Yoga nidra
  • Teaching and guiding others through Yoga Nidra
  • Bring positive changes in your life through Yoga Nidra
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   1–3 October 2021
   29–31 October 2021
   12 – 14 November 2021
   26 – 28 November 2021

In the Sanapurna Advanced Anatomy module, our objective is to provide you with the tools to lead your students confidently and safely into asanas. We will cover functional anatomy, physiology, injury prevention and give a perspective from both eastern and western medicine. We will analyze various postures and understand how to sequence a well-balanced class, ensure safe alignment and learn how to build strength while increasing flexibility. There will also be special attention to the anatomy of the shoulders, hands, back and neck, hips, knees and feet. Beyond the bones and muscles, we will delve into the 11 systems of the body and cover how yoga can be used to support complete health.

  • Advanced Muscular System and Fascia Lines
  • 11 Organ Systems of the Body
  • Pathology
  • Applied sequence and class structure

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Als langjähriger Yogastudent und Lehrer kann ich diesen Ort nur jedem empfehlen, der tiefe Instruktionen, erstaunliche Hilfen, wunderbare Inputs und Ideen zur Betrachtung und ein ganzheitliches Leben, wachsende, heilende Annäherung sucht! Sobald Sie hereinkommen, können Sie die Atmosphäre der Sanftmut, Aufmerksamkeit, Liebe und Freundlichkeit spüren, die den ganzen Weg durch hier getragen wird.

Ich bin erst vor einigen Wochen beim Tag der offenen Tür auf Sanapurna gestossen. Und was soll ich sagen? Ich habe über zwei Jahre nach dem perfekt passenden Yoga Studio gesucht und mich hier von der ersten Sekunde an zu Hause gefühlt. Sanapurna ist eine Insel der Ruhe und gibt einem so viel positive Energie, schon wenn man nur das Studio betritt (wahrscheinlich sogar jenen, die nichts mit Energien am Hut haben.

Das Studio ist schön und geschmackvoll eingerichtet und man wird immer freundlich empfangen. Das Angebot ist breit gefächert und die Lehrer sind echt super. Meine persönliche Lieblingslehrerin ist Poonam. Nach der Stunde hab ich den Kopf wieder frei, hab Kraft getankt und bin relaxt. Lieben Dank an Poonam und das ganze Team!