Ayurvedic Nutrition

Ayurvedic nutrition is one of the three pillars of Ayurveda, along with manual therapy (like massages) as well as purification (Panchakarma), and thus one of the most important methods for maintaining and restoring health. Food and spices serve as medicine, and special dietary rules promote and stabilize individual health and contribute to the healing of diseases. The focus is on strengthening digestive power and detoxification of the whole organism.

The most important principle of a diet in the Ayurvedic sense is that it should always be tailored to the individual, their particular needs and individual digestive power and circumstances.

Ayurvedic Nutrition
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Why Ayurvedic Nutrition?
  • Prevent illness and promote personal health
  • Not dogmatic, but individual
  • Food as medicine
  • Provide vitality and good health to achieve ones amazing potential
  • Holistic approach together with Yoga and Manual therapies
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Ayurvedic Nutrition
First ayurvedic nutrition* CHF 156.- to 210.-
60 Minutes ayurvedic nutrition CHF 156.-
75 Minutes ayurvedic nutrition CHF 182.-
90 Minutes ayurvedic nutrition CHF 210.-

*the first consultation is charged according to time and effort

Discover Ayurvedic body-mind constitution as well as the choices that are supporting and not supporting health goals. Support in finding effective ways to adjust habits and lifestyle.

For your body…
  • Maintain health with personal diet recommendations
  • Explore mindful eating techniques to boost digestion
  • Cultivate healthy habits with daily Ayurvedic self-core techniques
For your mind…
  • Create a personal daily self-core regime
  • Reduce stress with simple Ayurvedic lifestyle tips
  • Calm restless thoughts
  • Support mental clarity and confidence
For your spirit…
  • Honor inner wisdom
  • Encourage self-acceptance
What to expect during an Ayurvedic Nutrition consultation?
  • Goal setting
  • Diet and exercise recommendation
  • Gain knowledge about food and spices
  • Receive a one-of-a-kind, customized, and actionable plan to improve your energy, increase your vitality and your overall health.
  • Apply the applicable recommendations and feel the Ayurvedic difference.
  • Support through your Ayurvedic journey. Ask questions, receive inspiration, and have your program fine-tuned.
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