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Hot Yoga Benefits

Hot yoga is performed in a studio heated above normal room temperature (30-32 degrees Celsius at Sanapurna). Many of our hot yoga participants like to stress how reinvigorated and happy they feel after carrying out a hot yoga session. 

The medical community has long established Yoga’s benefits on many health indicators. There is now growing evidence that highlights the specific advantages of Hot Yoga on flexibility, mental wellness and cardiovascular health.

Increased Flexibility

Hot yoga can reduce the risk of injuries as opposed to regular yoga practice,  because it warms up your muscles and increases blood flow by raising your core body temperature. This ...

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Hot Yoga vs. Bikram Yoga: Making the Right Choice for You

The distinction between Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga has stirred some debate. Are they really distinct practices, or is it just yoga's version of a name change? While the terms were once used interchangeably, many studios now offer them as distinct practices. At Sanapurna, we've chosen to focus on Hot Yoga, and here's why.


Both Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga offer invigorating sessions, working their magic with a detoxifying sweat session that leaves you energised long after you leave the studio. The heat benefits include increased lung capacity, improved circulation, enhanced flexibility, weight loss, and a boosted lymphatic system.

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