Hot Yoga Benefits

Hot yoga is performed in a studio heated above normal room temperature (30-32 degrees Celsius at Sanapurna). Many of our hot yoga participants like to stress how reinvigorated and happy they feel after carrying out a hot yoga session. 

The medical community has long established Yoga’s benefits on many health indicators. There is now growing evidence that highlights the specific advantages of Hot Yoga on flexibility, mental wellness and cardiovascular health.

Increased Flexibility

Hot yoga can reduce the risk of injuries as opposed to regular yoga practice,  because it warms up your muscles and increases blood flow by raising your core body temperature. This also allows you to stretch deeper into poses during hot yoga compared to regular yoga.  

A 2019 study found that doing yoga in a hot sauna, at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius (although definitely much higher than a typical hot yoga studio temperature!), significantly improved flexibility in healthy older adults and also led to mild improvements in strength and balance.


Circulation and Cardiovascular Fitness

Hot yoga, with its elevated temperature and associated movements, appears to positively impact cardiovascular fitness. A 2018 study found that hot yoga can be an effective heat stress technique, improving cardiovascular performance in field hockey players. This suggests that hot yoga may serve as a potential performance enhancer for athletes preparing for competitions. 

Additionally, a small study conducted at Texas State University indicates that hot yoga may have benefits for individuals with elevated blood pressure. Participants who engaged in hour-long hot yoga sessions three times a week for 12 weeks showed a reduction in systolic blood pressure from an average of 126 to 121 and a decrease in diastolic pressure from 82 to 79.


Stress Reduction and Mental Well-being

Hot yoga is not only beneficial for physical fitness but can also contribute to stress reduction and potential improvements in mental health. While yoga in cooler temperatures is effective for stress relief, the added warmth in hot yoga provides an extra layer of relaxation.

A collaborative study by Cambridge University and the University of Hong Kong explored the impact of hot yoga on mental well-being in a group of 290 participants. Through a six-week randomized controlled trial, the hot yoga group, in comparison to a wait-list control group, exhibited significant enhancements in life satisfaction, general health, mindfulness, peace of mind, and eudaimonic well-being. [Source:]

Exploring Hot Yoga at Sanapurna

Sanapurna's Hot Yoga classes are designed to welcome individuals of all levels. We are committed to Hot Yoga rather than Bikram Yoga. Read more on the differences between the two approaches here

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