India needs your help! Covid-19 is spreading within cities and villages and following two lockdowns many shops and services are still shut, which has resulted in mass unemployment.

In a country where the majority of people are poor and vulnerable both socially and economically, the pandemic has brought unprecedented distress and despair. Most working-class people have no savings and there is very little access to social security especially as any available unemployment compensation is often caught up in bureaucratic delays or corruption. This means many people are simply left to die from hunger or lack of medical attention.

Here at Sanapurna, we cannot stand by and watch this happen without trying to help and we know many people within our community feel the same way. We have therefore decided to launch a sustained fundraising drive to help save the lives, livelihoods and dignity of the most vulnerable in India. Since we have a wonderful network of trusted friends and family members living in India, as well as solid connections to NGOs, we will ensure every rupee you donate will go directly to those most in need.

Along with your donations, we will be organising a series of events throughout the year including community classes and workshops where all fees will go towards the fundraising drive. So when you join the Sanapurana community, you will not only gain benefits for your own health and wellbeing, but you will also help another human being recover their dignity by meeting their basic needs.

Sanapurna Aid4India Campaign

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We will focus on two programmes:

1. Oxygen concentrators
Indian hospitals are desperately in need of oxygen concentrators. Sanapurna wishes to raise CHF 4,500 (US$5,005) to purchase six oxygen concentrators directly from a trusted medical supplier and deliver them to Government Hospital in Bikaner Rajsthan where Sanapurna founder, Poonam’s childhood friend is the Chief Medical Officer. The oxygen concentrators will be loaned free to local villages to use at home or in clinics in order to reduce the pressure on hospitals.

2. Ongoing relief for the most vulnerable
Sanapurna is launching a continuous fundraising drive to support the Astitva Programme, which is run by Kriti Team, a Public Charitable Trust based in Dehradun. The programme aims to restore the dignity of the most vulnerable by providing ration packages and financial support for education, medicine and basic needs such as mobile phone credit so children can access online schooling. The families you support will be of domestic worker women, petty shop workers, roadside vendors, cycle rickshaw pullers, daily wage earners and informal sector labourers.

Covid-19 relief work by Kriti team in India

Kriti Team is a Public Charitable Trust. Before Sanapurna’s owner Poonam decided to become a yoga teacher she worked for several NGOs and Kriti Team is run by her former boss. Kriti Team created specific Covid-19 relief projects early in the pandemic from April 2020 and have worked hard to ensure the food security of domestic and construction worker women in Dehradun as the pandemic and then the lockdown put a standstill to their employment. In some cases, these workers were paid by the employers for a month or two, but for most, they did not receive any remuneration throughout the entire lockdown. This meant they struggled on a daily basis for over six months without any idea of where their next meal was coming from. Even when things began to open up, many employers did not re-employ the workers due to the fear that workers living in the poorest conditions were more likely to both catch and subsequently transmit the virus. Even if people were called back to their original jobs, their salaries or daily wages were cut to make up for the fact the employers had also faced business or financial losses during the lockdown. For communities in Delhi and Haryana (where Kriti Team provides livelihood support through the production and sale of handmade products) there was a complete end to sales and orders (and this continues into 2021). You can read more about Kriti Team’s amazing efforts here:

Details of how your contributions will be used to meet the following needs (as per available donations and field priorities each month):
  • 1. Monthly Dry Ration and Household essentials (20 families)
  • 2. Mobile recharge for children to access online schooling (20 children)
  • 3. Annual Educational scholarship for school fees (5 children)