About Centre


Welcome to Sanapurna Center for Yoga & Therapy Zurich. We offer yoga classes for all levels in different styles and complementary medical treatment in the heart of Zurich. Located just a few minutes from Zurich main station we welcome people from all walks of life. Come by and our team will help you find your individual solution.


Our Centre

Sanapurna Centre for Yoga & Therapy Zurich is located in the heart of Zurich zone 4, between Europaallee and Langstrasse. It is a haven for those who want to escape the hectic everyday life, relax and want to recharge their batteries. Our team of over ten teachers teach different yoga styles at all levels. Similarly, many therapists offer treatments in eastern and western naturopathy. The aim of the centre is to share our open space to all, and assist those who are struggling with stress or pain. Whether with the right yoga class or an appropriate therapy or a combination of the two approaches, we hope to offer everyone the best individual treatment.


Who we are

Sanapurna in Sanskrit translates to complete health. We support an eclectic culture and offer a holistic treatment of our students and patients. From prevention to treatment to cure – we meet each person as a whole, not separating body, mind and soul. You can come to us at any stage of your life. Our commitment is beyond religion or dogma but strives to respect environmental, psychological, systemic and cosmic conditions.

We believe in collaboration and a culture of sharing: internally our teachers and therapists work together, always having their patients’ and students’ best at heart. We also work with external experts and refer our patients to them if need be. Sanapurna is a long term project. We are committed to creating an oasis for you in the heart of Zurich. Come here to connect or to find some individual time for yourself: Sanapurna offers you both.

Progressive yet traditional

The ancient traditions and knowledge of Yoga have spread around the world and are now practiced in a myriad of ways. We want to foster this development, but bearing the traditional spirit of Yoga in mind. We offer our students the possibility to experience and learn about all aspects of Yoga, referencing Patanjalis 8-fold path of Yoga. Open to new interpretations and practices we believe in authenticity and sharing beyond any boundaries. Four fundamental principles guide us in our work. They represent our code of conduct and our promise to our students, patients and guests We are .

Yoga and Ayurveda. We are Wellness and Therapy. We are a place to just be.

Located in the centre of Zurich where the corporate world meets street life we welcome you to practice yoga, enjoy a massage, have a cup of tea, find a moment of silence in our common room, read a book – or just be.

We are open

We welcome people from all walks of life and all levels – from complete beginners to experienced practitioners. We offer a variety of yoga classes but strive to stay true to the roots of yoga. Sanapurna welcomes you to go on a journey – we will travel with you and try find the best possible solution for you and your present needs.

We offer expertise

Besides our daily classes we offer special classes on a variety of topics. Regular Workshops with international teachers complement our classes, we run teachers training programs for various levels, invite scholars for lectures, host concerts… and much more. Your ideas are also welcome!

Believing in a culture of sharing we are a networking reference point for Yoga and complimentary therapy. Sanapurna is a center for academic research, inviting and collaborating with scholars and experts. And a new master course (300h) in Yoga will be part of our main curriculum, offering our students the opportunity of an in-depth training in traditional Hatha Yoga. Good teachers make good students. We foster collaboration and growth of our teachers and therapists, supportung them in exploring and sharing their passion and knowledge.

We believe in community

Sanapurna wants to make Yoga accessible to everyone in the community. We offer donation based community classes and connect with local social organizations to facilitate yoga for those who cannot afford our regular program.

  • Progressive yet traditional
  • We are Yoga & Therapy
  • We are open
  • We offer expertise
  • We believe in community