Yoga Events & Workshops

Yoga Teacher Training
A Journey of Self Discovery

This full immersion Yoga Teacher Training is registered for a 200-hour certificate with Yoga Alliance. The 9 weekends of the TTC are covered over a period of 6 months.

Date : 14 August - 13 December, 2020

Instructor : Yogalife & Sanapurna

"HEART OVER HEAD" Masterclass Series 2020

Inversions may feel like the inaccessible poses reserved for professional yoga practitioners – but truth is, it’s mostly about the journey!

26 Jan. 2020 (Series 1)
02 Feb. 2020 (Series 2)
09 Feb. 2020 (Series 1)

Instructor : Anne Eberhardt

Hatha Mantra Flow "Starting All Over Again"

This workshop is dedicated to your profound well-being & reconnection to the source. Designed for the beginning of the year, restart, release, recharge and take your body and mind to a place of deep restorative rest through yoga and sound healing.

Date : 23 Feb. 2020

Instructor : Vani & Bhajan Krauer

Introduction into Pranayama & Meditation

Pranayama / expansion of the respiration/energy
Through specific exercises such as abdominal breathing, the entire lung capacity is used and the movements of the diaphragm are coordinated.

Date : 07 March 2020

Instructor : Monika Taiganidis