Sanapurna Open Day

Free Yoga Classes & Treatments

Our team will offer a wide variety of free virtual and studio classes, a Thai Yoga Workshop and Ayurvedic Face Massages.
For securing your place in our free classes, we recommend you to register in advance.

Special Discounts & Abos

(Valid on 24th October between 0.00hrs - 24.00hrs. Buyable online and in the studio.)

We are happy to offer you a unique discount of 10% on all our yoga abos and massages.
After 5 years of offering our popular 5-year-abos we would love to share these long term options with you all. We have decided to offer more long-term-abos for our beautiful growing Sanapurna community.
With immediate effect we are now offering the following discounts.

  • 2 years abo: CHF 3'500.00 - CHF 880.00 discounted
  • 3 years abo: CHF 4'500.00 - CHF 2'070.00 discounted
  • 5 years abo: CHF 6'500.00 - CHF 4'450.00 discounted

* compared to our 1 year abo
We will also include a further discount of 10% on the above prices on our Open Day.