Room Rental

Are you looking for a serene and inviting space for your next workshop, therapy session, class or event? Sanapurna Yoga & Ayurveda Studio provides room rental options tailored to your specific needs.

Discover a sanctuary of wellness and balance at Sanapurna Yoga & Ayurveda Studio. Located in the trendy and central area in Zurich Kreis 4 (Militärstrasse 115, 8004 Zurich), our studio offers a holistic approach to rejuvenation and self-discovery through the practices of yoga and Ayurveda. Immerse yourself in a space designed to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Yoga Rooms for Rent in Zurich

Prithvi Shala

Introducing our exquisite Prithvi Shala, designed to provide a perfect blend of privacy, space, and natural lighting. Located on the ground floor, this spacious sanctuary is ideal for your yoga practice. Additionally, this room can be heated for the practice of hot yoga if needed or it can be set up for the practice of aerial yoga.

With a generous size of 100m², our yoga room can comfortably accommodate 30-35 students, ensuring ample space for everyone to move and breathe freely. Adjacent to the room, you'll find private changing rooms with showers, allowing you to transition seamlessly before and after your practice. We've also taken care of your convenience with two private toilets conveniently positioned near the entrance.

Yoga Rooms for Rent in Zurich

Surya Shala

Surya Shala is our largest and most versatile room available for rent in our vibrant yoga studio. Spanning an impressive 110m², this room shows the heart and soul of our community and studio offerings. Designed with an L-shape configuration, this room offers a unique layout that provides two distinct perspectives for students. You have the flexibility to use the space as a whole or divide it into separate areas for different activities, allowing for simultaneous classes or workshops. This adaptability ensures maximum utility for your specific needs.

The room is conveniently located, providing easy access to our changing rooms, showers, and three toilets. We value your comfort and well-being, which is why we invite you to indulge in our inviting lounge and kitchen area. Here, you can take a well-deserved break, recharge your energy, and savor a cup of our delightful homemade orange blossom tea.

Yoga Rooms for Rent in Zurich

Chandra Shala

Chandra Shala is a highly functional and efficiently designed room ideal for smaller workshops/classes or events. Spanning 50m², this space may be our smallest, but it offers incredible versatility and optimal space distribution.

Strategically positioned at the heart of our studio, this room immerses you in the relaxed atmosphere present at our studio. Experience the convenience of having all our facilities at your fingertips. Whether you need a quick recharge from our well-equipped kitchen, a moment of relaxation in our cozy lounge with fresh, homemade tea, or access to changing rooms, showers, and three conveniently located toilets, everything is easily accessible.

Yoga Rooms for Rent in Zurich

Therapy Room

Our holistic health studio offers therapy rooms designed to cater to your massage, physical therapy, or 1-to-1 session needs. We offer two distinct options: the Thai yoga massage room and the Ayurveda therapy room. Both rooms provide a tranquil and serene environment, allowing you to experience optimal relaxation and rejuvenation.

Both rooms are thoughtfully designed, each spanning under 10m². Despite their compact size, these rooms are carefully crafted to create a soothing oasis within our studio. Immerse yourself in a calm and tranquil atmosphere, where you can indulge in therapeutic treatments tailored to your specific needs.

*we cannot promise that there will be no disruption from the neighbors and surrounding environment.

General Features & Facilities

To enhance the ambiance of your sessions, our rooms and facilities within the studio include these features:

  • integrated sound system to elevate the experience
  • ventilation system for optimal air and oxygen flow in the room
  • high-quality equipment: natural yoga mats, bolsters, blocks yoga chairs, belts, tennis balls, meditation cushion, blankets & projector**
  • Bathrooms with soap and fresh towels
  • Changing rooms with showers (shower gel & shampoo provided)
  • Lounge with homemade fresh tea and different seating arrangements
  • Well-equipped kitchen with fridge and stove
  • Water fountain with glasses

**For those looking to incorporate visual aids, we offer an optional projector rental service. This allows you to conduct lectures and share valuable information.


Yoga Rooms for Rent in Zurich

Outdoor Terrace

Our studio offers our exclusive private outdoor terrace*, spanning 40m² and offering a serene retreat facing our picturesque inner courtyard. This charming terrace features a beautifully crafted wooden floor and is thoughtfully designed with a protective roof, ensuring shelter from direct sunlight and rain. Located adjacent to our esteemed Prithvi Shala, this outdoor space serves as a delightful extension to enhance your rental experience, particularly during the warmer months.


At Sanapurna you can either rent one of our rooms on a one-off basis or with a monthly contract. Please find the detailed pricing below:

One-Off Fees***
2 Hours
4 Hours
Full Day
Pritvi Shala 100 CHF 210 CHF 360 CHF 600
Surya Shala 110 CHF 240 CHF 410 CHF 680
Chandra Shala 50 CHF 110 CHF 190 CHF 320
Outdoor Terrace 40 CHF 80 CHF 140 CHF 240
Therapy Room (no equipment) 10 CHF 85 CHF 115 CHF 155
Therapy Room (incl. shower & steam box) 12 CHF 85 CHF 115 CHF 155
Consultation Room 22 CHF 95 CHF 125 CHF 165


Monthly Fees***
60 Minutes
90 Minutes
2 Hours
Pritvi Shala 100 CHF 420 CHF 500 CHF 590
Surya Shala 110 CHF 480 CHF 560 CHF 670
Chandra Shala 50 CHF 220 CHF 280 CHF 310
Outdoor Terrace 40 CHF 170 CHF 200 CHF 220
Therapy Room (no equipment) 10 CHF 100 CHF 150 CHF 240
Therapy Room (incl. shower & steam box) 12 CHF 100 CHF 150 CHF 240
Consultation Room 22 CHF 130 CHF 180 CHF 270

***All prices include an additional charge of 5 CHF per person for the Sanapurna facilities and offering.

To inquire about room availability or to book a room, please contact our friendly team at We recommend booking in advance to secure your desired time slot.