Types of Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a good for all levels , specially good start for new yogis looking for a peaceful practice. The class offers a complete practice with breathing exercises (Kapalabhati and Anuloma Viloma), sun salutations (Surya Namaskar), a series of postures (Asanas), and a final relaxation. Designed to work the body into perfect harmony and balance, practitioners will develop confidence as they learn and master the traditional sequence. This class is suitable for all levels as it provides strength, flexibility and health to the spine.

Aerial Flow Yoga

Aerial Flow Yoga is a playful and challenging way to vary your yoga practice. You are sure to feel your body and see the world in new ways. Supported by beautiful silk slings, Aerial Yoga provides traction to extend your posture fully. Your spine will lengthen, reducing vertebral compression and improving the function of nerves throughout your entire body. You will feel lighter, longer, leaner and more peaceful after one class and realign your whole body and mind with regular practice.

Energy Flow

A powerful and energizing flow class, cultivating mindfulness, alignment and core energy. This class builds your strength, with a focus on flowing asana sequences and a gentle build up of the class, culminating in strong and energizing, back bends, arm balances and inversions. Suitable for Yogis with some Yoga practice experience.

Vinyasa Flow

Should you enjoy a good mix of calming and challenging yoga classes, the Vinyasa Flow class is made for you. The class starts with an introduction to the day's topic, meditation or pranayama followed by warm up sequence, before getting into creative and dynamic asana flow. The class focuses on the importance to find balance between strength & flexibility, active & passive asanas.

Sweat & Samadhi (Hot Yoga)

A powerful and energizing flow class, cultivating mindfulness, alignment and core energy. This class builds your strength, with a focus on flowing asana sequences and a gentle build up of the class, culminating in strong and energizing, back bends, arm balances and inversions. Suitable for Yogis with some Yoga practice experience.

Let it Flow ( Hot Yoga)

Turn up the heat! Expect it to be sweaty, dynamic and intensely satisfying.
This hot Let It Flow class is an energetic yoga flow with strong poses and creative sequencing, designed to challenge and inspire both physically and mentally.
Fluid & creative Vinyasa flow emphasising the connection of breath & movement
Time to experiment & play with interesting & fun asanas. Enhanced by carefully selected music.

Yin Yoga

Yin is a beautiful practice that every body benefits from. This challenging and meditative practice will transform your more muscular ‘yang’ style of yoga and foster the balance we so often seek in our active, busy lives. In Yin, we learn to relax, be patient, and release the tightness we have at the deeper levels of the skeleton and joints. In Yin Yoga, postures target the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and lower spine and are held for an extended period of time. These long holds bring lubrication and a flow to the dense, rarely touched areas of the body leaving you with a fresh aliveness and deep sense of calm.

Yoga Flow

This class welcomes all levels of yogis, from beginners to advanced. In energetic and flowing asana sequences, adjusted to time of year and day, we connect our movements with the breath and experience the benefits of yoga for body, mind and soul. The yoga flow practice will leave you strong, flexible, and calm.

Morning Yoga

This Morning Yoga class is a harmonius blend of classical Asanas along with their variations, Bandhas & Mudras, Ashta Kumbhaka (breathing techniques) and Kriyas (cleansing processes). The systematic way of using all these elements will increase flexibility and will give beauty to body and mind.
A class to leave you energized and focused for the whole day.

Lunch Time Hatha Flow

The Lunch Time Hatha Flow is grounding and helps to restore balance. This class will challenge you and help you feel refreshed and energized for the rest of the day. It includes breathing, stretching, asanas and deep relaxation in each class.

Vinyasa Aerial Fusion

Have you ever wanted to combine the elements earth and air? Now it’s possible. This class is a fusion between Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa Yoga and Aerial Yoga at the end.
We start the class with a strong active floor work, focusing on our stability and connection with Mother Earth. Afterwards we end the class with different inversions in the hammock and a relaxing floating Savasana. One of the greatest benefits of Aerial Yoga is that it provides major spinal decompression, offering relief from lower back pains.

Restore & Renew

Wenn du mal richtig runterfahren möchtest, dann bist du in dieser Lektion genau richtig. Angefangen wird mit einer kurzen Meditation mit Pranayama (Atemtechnik) und Mudras (Handhaltung). Danach wird dein Körper mit Mobilisationsübungen auf die fliessenden Bewegungsabfolgen vorbereiten.
Die darauffolgenden Flows sind sanft und für alle Levels geeignet.
Im Zweiten Teil deiner Praxis wirst du in restorative Posen gehen, loslassen und einfach geniessen.
Mit dieser Lektion gönnst du dir einen Kurzurlaub in dem du dir erlaubst dich selber besser kennen zu lernen.

Hatha Yoga / Yoga Nidra

Hatha / yoga nidra™ class offers a flowing hatha yoga sequence with pranayama and yoga nidra™, a method of deep relaxation developed by Swami Satyanada Saraswati. yoga nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, emotional and mental relaxation. conciousness is functioning on a deeper level of awareness , the inner knowledge unfolds.

Yoga Journey ( Hot Yoga)

Yoga Journey: An all around based yoga class that welcomes practitioners from all levels and paths. Allowing everyone to be at their own space and helping them connect their minds and bodies together.
Always a breath centred practice in which, depending on the theme, we will focus on strength, flexibility, balance or playful movement.
Keep an open and curious mind and lets embark on this journey together.

Spiritual Flow

Unwind your body and relax your mind from the stresses of your week. Enjoy a nourishing physical practice that will first bring warmth, then balance and ease to the body, followed by a short meditation and pranayama practice to calm your mind to start your weekend off clear and easy. expect a dynamically well-sequenced vinyasa, with lots of skillful hands-on adjustments as well as an uplifting dose of the practical and esoteric sources of yoga philosophy. Come ready to sweat, move and sink deeply into your source.

Hatha Yoga & Sound Vibrations

Sanfte Berührungen, kleine Massagen, Pranayama, Sonnengruss, Asanas und Tiefenentspannung helfen dir, die Sinne zurückzuziehen und dich in deinen subtilen Körper eintauchen zu lassen.
Mit Mobilisationsübungen und leichten Dehnungen kommst du langsam in die Aktivität des Sonnengrusses. So bereitest du deinen Körper optimal auf die Asanas vor. In der Tiefenentspannung, die von Klängen der Windspiele und Klangschalen getragen wird, darfst du dann ganz los lassen.

Anatstha & Restorative Yoga

This class is a blend of Anatstha & Restorative Yoga.Antastha in Sanskrit means 'the deepest' and so Antastha Yoga gradually takes you to that deepest place within yourself. Using blindfolds, your awareness is brought to the inner experience of the body-mind connection through carefully chosen asanas to stimulate the central nervous system.
In Restorative Yoga, the postures are held longer with the help of various props such as bolsters, blocks, cushions. In this way the body is supported to go deeper into the relaxation and the mind becomes more focused, clear and calm.
Experience a meditation through movement yoga practice that will leave you calm, balanced and deeply relaxed.

Energy Lunch Flow

This Energy Lunch Flow it's a good mixture of a flow with some longer holds. Providing alignment and other body centering cues, yet encouraging you to feel your way through the practice from the inside out. While the main structure of the class is geared towards a moderate level, you are welcome to modify and practice as gentle or as challenging as you like.

Flow Motion

The Flow Motion class offers creative flows accompanied by enjoyable sound. In the focus are safe alignments combined with strength, flexibility and breath control to harmonise the body and mind. The class unfolds with a calming warm-up to prepare for more intense and challenging postures, physically and mentally. It slows down towards shavasana with stretching poses feeling relaxed, strong and energised.

Tribal Yoga Flow - Hatha Flow

On the way to relaxation with Tribal Yoga. Energizing pranayama, mudras, meditation, and hot flows accompanied by trancy sounds and beats during your practice, you’ll experience the vibrations of the cosmic tuning forks and smooth massages together with the scent of essential oils.

Candlelight Yin Flow

Close your week wrapping yourself in the softness of this Candlelight Yin Flow class. Starting with a fluid flow enhanced by curated tunes, the class will then unfold into a soothing yin practice, unwinding & softening body, breath & mind; the whole warmed up by the delicate light of candles.
Welcome to your Sunday night cocoon.

Hot Yoga: A Practice of Strength and Mindfulness

Experience a unique approach to yoga that focuses on depth and mindfulness. Unlike many other practices, our Hot Yoga class embraces longer posture holds, cultivating increased strength, muscle development, and enhanced blood circulation throughout your body. The studio environment is thoughtfully heated to maintain a temperature range of 30-32 degrees Celsius, creating an optimal atmosphere for your practice.
Hot Yoga demands heightened concentration, guiding participants to navigate each pose with clarity, presence, and focus. Newcomers will appreciate the deliberate pace with ample repetition, while experienced practitioners will be consistently challenged to push their limits. Throughout the class, the synergy of strength and flexibility unfolds gracefully. As the session progresses and your body responds to the heat, we dedicate time to deep tissue release. Passive holds are introduced to nurture and expand your range of motion. This gradual cooldown, coupled with moments of deep rest, leads to a profound sense of physical and mental liberation—a bridge to meditative states.