Yoga Events & Workshops

Thai Yoga Massage for the Shoulders

The shoulders are some of the most complex joints of the body. They can become very tight without even noticing it, having an impact on the neck as well as on the back.

Date : 23 June 2019

Instructor : Nicoleta Gosoniu

Antastha Yoga Malish Workshop

Experience the healing and deepening effects of Antastha Yoga Malish. Created by veteran yoga teacher Sanjeev Bhanot, Yoga Malish takes you to new places in yoga and a new connection with your body, while healing and rejuvenating joints and muscles.

Date : 4 July 2019

Instructor : Sanjeev Bhanot

Yoga Teacher Training (2019)
A Journey of Self Discovery

This full immersion Yoga Teacher Training is registered for a 200-hour certificate with Yoga Alliance. The 9 weekends of the TTC are covered over a period of 6 months.

Date : 5 July - 1 December, 2019

Instructor : Yogalife & Sanapurna

Celebrate Thai Yoga Massage

Discover more about the self-healing, ancient practice of Thai Yoga Massage. The essence of touch and massage has existed since time began - amongst all living beings. And through Meditation, Mantra and Movement we create a ´Sacred Dance'.

Date : 05 October 2019

Instructor : Gillian Carlyon

Yoga Nidra Workshop

Yoga Nidra will help you to train your brain and turn dreams into REALITY. Also known as Yogic Sleep, Yoga Nidra induces a complete state of physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Date : 09 November 2019

Instructor : Gillian Carlyon

the power of Indian Sacred Sounds and Mantra

We are delighted and excited that Manish Vyas will visit us in Sanapurna to offer a special workshop in which Manish will share his music together with his profound understanding of the healing and transformative power of ancient Sanskrit mantras, as well as inviting us to join him in sacred chant.

Date : 23 November 2019

Instructor : Manish Vyas