Yoga Prices & Packages

Are you a busy professional with limited time on your schedule for yoga or an addicted yogi who likes to practice various classes several times a week? Either way, we have you covered with a range of prices and packages so you can find the offer that best suits YOUR practice!

For new customers (first visit)
Intro Abo (4x online/studio Klassen)** CHF 75.- 1 Monat Buy Now
60 minutes Klassen
Drop-in CHF 29.- - Buy Now
Set of 5 Klassen CHF 130.- 2 Monat Buy Now
Set of 10 Klassen CHF 240.- 3 Monat Buy Now
90 minutes classes
Drop-in CHF 39.- - Buy Now
Set of 5 Klassen CHF 180.- 3 Monat Buy Now
Set of 10 Klassen CHF 335.- 4 Monat Buy Now
Unlimited Abos
1 Monat Abo CHF 360.- 1 Monat Buy Now
3 Monat Abo CHF 650.- 3 Monat Buy Now
6 Monat Abo CHF 1290.- 6 Monat Buy Now
12 Monat Abo CHF 2190.- 12 Monat Buy Now
Memberships & Contracts
6 month unlimited Abo CHF 225.- monthly 6 month
12 month unlimited Abo CHF 190.- monthly 12 month
Virtual Yoga
Drop-in 60 minutes CHF 22.- -
Drop-in long classes CHF 28.- -
5 classes CHF 99 .- 3 months
1 month unlimited*** CHF 175 .- 1 month

Notes: check out our donation options to pay single classes

*Long Classes 75-90 min

Most evening & weekend classes are 90 minutes. Aerial Yoga & Hot Yoga classes are 75 minutes. Please be aware that these classes need a special preparation. Refer to our schedule for details on class durations.

**Intro-Abo für Neukunden

Neuen Kunden empfehlen wir unser Intro Abo, welches 4 Yoga-Lektionen nach Wahl innerhalb eines Monates inkludiert.
Dieses Angebot gilt nur für Neukunden bei ihrem ersten Besuch. Das Intro-Abo kann online oder an der Rezeption erworben werden. Für weitere Details folgen Sie bitte diesem Link.

***Unlimitiertes Virtual Yoga Abo für 1 Monat

Dieses Abo wird automatisch verlängert und der Kreditkarte belastet. Eine Kündigung ist monatlich möglich (auf Ende Deines monatlichen Abos)

These special offers are only valid for new customers at their first visit. The Intro Abo can be bought online or at the reception. For more details please follow this link.

Private lessons

Private lessons are suited for individuals, couples as well as groups.
Prices start from CHF 140.- / 60 Min. depending on the class length & number of students. Please email us to discuss your needs at

Gift Vouchers

We offer Gift Vouchers and packages for you to share the gift of yoga with friends, family and loved ones. Enquire our lovely staff at reception or email us at to find the best option for you or order your gift card directly online!

Remember to check our Studio Rules and Terms & Conditions for more information on our studio policy, pass validity and more.

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